Texas Hill Country Lofts is based in Georgetown, Texas. We consider Georgetown a quaint jewel among Texas towns; not too big, not too small, just right, with a beautiful downtown square full of vintage buildings and an air of days gone by.

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We are currently breeding from a fine selection of middle to long distance racing pigeons from Little Reata Lofts, and the late great Bert Oostlander. These birds have been selected for performance, both from themselves and their ancestors.

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Our Loft

We have a small loft, typically with the capacity of only about ninety pigeons total. We make it work with plenty of aviary space, separation pens, and individual breeding compartments. We have to be very selective of the birds we breed as it’s not easy to produce many with as few birds as we keep.

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Every racing pigeon enthusiast has a supportive other. Thank them.

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